Best Betta Fish Toys

8 Best Betta Fish Toys and Decorations for a Happy Fish Tank

If you’re here, we’re betting you have a lovely Betta fish (or maybe even a whole school) swimming around at home, right? Now you’re looking for the best Betta fish toys to keep your finned friends entertained and mentally stimulated. And guess what? You’re in the right place!

Betta fish are known for their vivid colors and flamboyant fins, but they’re also famous for their fighting spirit and unique personalities, and they make great fish for beginners. These intelligent creatures require more than just a bowl of water and some fish food. They need stimulation and engagement, and that’s where Betta fish toys come into play.

This comprehensive will explore the best Betta fish toys to keep your fishy friends entertained and healthy. So without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Why Betta Fish Need Toys

Betta fish, known for their magnificent color display and graceful movements, captivate with their exotic beauty. Yet, beneath this exterior, Betta fish are intellectual creatures, curiously exploring their surroundings and engaging with their habitat. Essentially, they are adventurous beings who need stimulation as essential as the water in their tank.

Like humans, Betta fish also require a blend of mental and physical stimulation for their health and happiness. A thriving Betta environment is one that not only caters to their physical requirements but also keeps them mentally engaged and active. Here, Betta fish toys play a pivotal role. You might have added aquatic plants, treated the water, and incorporated other elements, but why would your intelligent fish need toys? Let’s plunge deeper into this topic to understand the world from a Betta fish’s perspective.

Combatting Boredom

Betta fish are surrounded by a vast and varied ecosystem in their natural habitat, rich with various plants, rocks, and aquatic life. But, in captivity, their environment shrinks dramatically, lacking the diverse stimulation they are accustomed to. This can cause boredom to set in, making toys a much-needed source of entertainment for our Betta friends.

Toys provide Betta fish with objects for interaction and exploration, keeping them mentally challenged. This helps mimic their natural, dynamic environment, bringing a piece of the wilderness into their tank, satiating their curious nature, and keeping their minds active.

Stress Reduction

Boredom can lead to stress in Betta fish. Without the right mental and physical stimulation, they can grow anxious and stressed, leading to health issues like decreased appetite, lethargy, and color fading.

Toys are the perfect stress relievers, providing your Betta with various activities to engage their attention. This distraction helps them avoid potential stressors, offering control over their environment, which is crucial for psychological well-being. A toy-equipped Betta has a sense of purpose, translating into a healthier, happier fish.

Promoting Exercise

Like any other pet, Betta fish need regular exercise to stay healthy. Toys encourage your Betta fish to swim more, keeping them active and exercising their muscles. This aids in maintaining strong muscles, optimal metabolism, and uplifted spirits – a healthy Betta is an active Betta!

Encouraging Natural Behavior

Toys aren’t just for fun; they also help Betta fish express natural behaviors such as hunting, hiding, and exploring. Expressing these behaviors provides the mental stimulation they need to express their instincts, contributing significantly to their well-being. Just as they can’t go too long without food, they can’t go without toys!

In summary, toys are not just aesthetic additions to your Betta’s aquarium. They cater to your Betta’s mental and physical needs, enhancing their lifestyle. By integrating toys into their environment, you aren’t just making their habitat visually appealing; you’re enriching their world, promoting their health and happiness – a win-win for all!

The Best Betta Fish Toys

The best Betta fish toys, such as Betta Hammocks, floating plants, and mirrors, cater to their instincts. These toys encourage exploration and mental stimulation and provide a safe and enriching environment for Betta fish to thrive in.

Here are some of the best betta fish toys that you can have for your Bettas that you can get from online stores:

Betta Hammocks

Did you know your Betta fish likes to lounge? Just like humans relish on lazy Sundays, Betta fish, too, enjoy a good rest. That’s where Betta hammocks come in handy. Designed to simulate the broad leaves that Betta fish use as resting spots in the wild, these hammocks provide a comfortable resting spot near the water’s surface.

Crafted to sit beneath the water’s surface, these hammocks allow your Betta fish to breathe without swimming too far. This is especially useful given that Bettas are labyrinth fish, meaning they breathe air. A hammock near the surface gives your Betta the perfect spot to take in oxygen without exerting too much energy.

These hammocks also come with a suction cup, allowing you to stick them on the aquarium glass at the desired height. They are easy to install and move around, ensuring your Betta’s habitat remains dynamic and interesting, so it’s one of the best betta fish toys.

Recommendation: Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock

Best Betta Fish Toy - Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta HammockThe Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock is a pack of two-leaf hammocks designed to offer your Betta fish a naturalistic resting spot that mimics their natural environment.

These hammocks are not just functional but also add a charming aesthetic touch to your aquarium, perfectly enhancing the natural look of your aquatic setup. Crafted to mimic the look of real leaves, they blend seamlessly into your Betta’s habitat, providing a cozy nook for your Betta to rest and observe their surroundings.

Installing these Betta hammocks is a breeze thanks to the enclosed suction cup. You can easily attach them near the top of your Betta’s tank, allowing your Betta fish to rest near the water’s surface, just as they would in nature.

The Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock is more than just a toy – it’s an upgrade to your Betta’s living experience, offering them a piece of their natural habitat, and it’s one of the best Betta fish toys. Trust us, and your Betta will appreciate the breather!

Floating Logs

Looking for a hideout spot for your Betta? Ever noticed how they like to duck into corners and hover around particular areas? Floating logs could be the answer you’re seeking. These best Betta fish toys offer a fun hideaway and can mimic the natural environment that your Betta fish would encounter in the wild, helping them feel safe and secure. It’s one of the best toys for betta fish.

Moreover, these floating logs also add an interesting aesthetic to your aquarium. They provide a natural-looking element that enhances the visual appeal of your Betta’s home, making it not just a habitat but a display-worthy piece that reflects the natural beauty of aquatic life.

Recommendation: Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

Betta Fish Toys - Zoo Med Floating Betta LogElevate your Betta’s habitat with the Zoo Med Floating Betta Log. This pack of two floating logs is an excellent addition to your aquarium, providing your Betta fish with multiple plays, rest, and breeding options.

These floating logs aren’t just your best Betta fish toys – they’re a haven for your Betta. They offer the perfect place for your Betta to sleep, play, breed, feed, or blow a bubble nest. These actions are all part of a Betta fish’s natural behavior, and providing a conducive environment helps reduce the boredom that can arise from captivity.

Inspired by the natural environment of Betta fish, these logs are designed to look naturally great in any Betta enclosure. The authentic-looking design adds an aesthetic appeal to your aquarium while providing your Betta with a familiar and comfortable hideaway.

Using the Zoo Med Floating Betta Log is simple – place it in your aquarium right out of the package, and watch as your Betta discovers their new toy on their own. It’s an exciting addition that will stimulate your Betta’s curiosity and natural behaviors, making their life in captivity more interesting and enriching.

Mirror Toys

Who’s that gorgeous fish in the mirror? It’s your Betta, of course! Betta fish are territorial creatures, and a mirror toy can provide a form of interaction that stimulates their instincts. Seeing their reflection can trigger their territorial behavior, making them more active.

However, be warned! Too much mirror time can stress your Betta as they might interpret the reflection as another Betta encroaching on their territory. As a rule of thumb, limit mirror time to five minutes daily. This will provide enough stimulation without causing undue stress.

Recommendation: Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

Betta Fish Toys - Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise MirrorIntroduce your Betta fish to their most interesting tank mate with the Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror. This pack of two mirrors is a unique and engaging addition to your Betta’s habitat, designed to stimulate their natural territorial behaviors.

Betta fish are known for their territorial nature, and seeing their reflection in the mirror encourages them to flare and display, providing a form of exercise and reducing boredom. It’s an enriching activity that supports healthy exercise, contributing to your Betta’s overall well-being.

Using the Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror is as easy as possible. Simply submerge the mirror in your aquarium, and let the convenient floating ball keep it in place. It’s a hassle-free toy that requires no assembly and is designed to be used daily for short periods.

Discover a new way to engage your Betta fish with the Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror. It’s not just one of the best Betta fish toys but an interactive tool that promotes natural behaviors and provides an enriching experience for your Betta fish.

Homemade Betta Fish Toys

Creating homemade betta fish toys is an inventive, economical, and effective method to enhance your betta’s environment. These do-it-yourself toys can be as simple as repurposing household items or as complex as specially designed setups to engage and stimulate your betta fish. Let’s delve into the world of homemade betta fish toys, learning how to construct them safely and understanding their contribution to your pet’s wellness.

Aquatic Plants: The Green Getaway

Best Betta Fish Toy - Betta Fish Plants

Initiating with the aquatic foliage, live plants are among the best toys you can incorporate into your betta’s environment. Siamese fighting fish are naturally attracted to live plants, enjoying swimming amongst the leaves and taking refuge amongst the roots. This fascinating game of hide-and-seek entertains your betta and contributes positively to its health.

Consider enriching your betta fish tank with aquatic plants. Leafy greens such as java fern, carpet plants, or floating water lettuce allow your betta to engage with their roots, offering an underwater jungle to explore. Nibbling on the plants can offer a nutritious snack if your betta gets too playful or needs a health boost. Besides providing mental stimulation and a safe surface, live plants serve as hiding places, making them a great addition to betta fish toys.

Indian Almond Leaves: Underwater Adventure

The bottom of the tank may seem uninteresting initially, but with Indian almond leaves, it transforms into an underwater playground. When added to your tank, these leaves provide a natural hiding place and resting area. Your betta can frolic amongst the leaves or move them around to create a protective barrier or “fort.”

Much like a child enjoying a pile of autumn leaves, your betta will appreciate this simple yet engaging enrichment, making Indian almond leaves an excellent choice for betta fish toys.

Betta Caves and Log Toys: Hide-and-Seek Delight

Aquarium Logs

Introduce an element of adventure with another great betta toy option – betta caves and log toys. You can create a cozy betta cave using coconut shells, or a driftwood sculpture can become an exciting hide-and-seek spot. Often found at your local grocery store or in nature, these items can be cleaned and disinfected with betta-safe cleaners before being added to the tank. Such toys significantly enhance the entertainment options for your betta fish. Smoothen any rough edges to prevent damage to your betta fish’s fins.

Marimo Moss Balls: Gentle and Engaging

Moss Ball

A simple moss ball might surprise you with the joy it brings to your betta. The soft texture and unusual shape of a marimo moss ball can captivate your betta for hours. Bettas have been seen nibbling, protecting, and pushing these moss balls around their tank, securing their spot in the top betta fish toys list.

Ping Pong Balls: Floating Fun

Ping-pong balls can serve as inexpensive yet effective floating betta toys. As curious fish species, bettas are known to interact and push objects in their tank. A ping pong ball, being lightweight, floats on the water’s surface, providing endless entertainment for your betta. Always thoroughly clean the ping pong ball before introducing it to your betta’s tank to ensure it is free from potentially harmful substances.


1. Do betta fish want toys?

Absolutely, yes! Betta fish are intelligent and curious creatures who thrive on mental stimulation. Toys provide this stimulation, keeping your Betta entertained and engaged. They can mimic natural environments and situations, helping to satisfy your Betta’s instincts and behaviors. So, in a sense, Betta fish want toys as they contribute to their overall health and happiness.

2. What do bettas like in their tank?

Bettas appreciate a well-decorated tank that mimics their natural environment. This includes live plants, which provide cover and help to keep the water clean; caves or hiding spots, which offer a sense of security; and toys, which provide mental stimulation. They also prefer warm, slightly acidic water and a tank that is spacious enough for them to swim around freely. Remember that every Betta fish is unique, so what one Betta likes, another may not.

3. How do you entertain a bored betta fish?

There are several ways to entertain a bored Betta fish. Toys are a great place to start, especially ones encouraging exploration and interaction. Betta hammocks, floating logs, mirror toys, and training toys are all popular options to entertain your Betta. You can also rearrange the tank decor occasionally to provide a new environment for your Betta to explore. Interactive activities, like training your Betta to follow your finger or swim through hoops, can also be a fun way to keep your Betta entertained.

4. How can I make my betta happier?

There are many ways to make your Betta happier. First and foremost, ensure their basic needs are met – this includes a clean, warm tank, a diet of high-quality Betta food, and regular health check-ups. Beyond these basics, providing a stimulating environment is key. There are many things you can put in a Betta tank. This can be achieved by adding toys and decor that mimic their natural habitat and encourage natural behaviors. Regular interaction with your Betta can also contribute to their happiness. Remember, a happy Betta is a healthy Betta!

5. How often should I introduce new toys to my Betta fish?

Changing up your Betta fish’s environment can keep things interesting and engaging for them. Introducing new toys to your Betta fish every few weeks is a good idea. This gives your Betta time to explore and become familiar with their new toy while ensuring they don’t become bored with their environment. Remember, variety is the spice of life – even for Betta fish!

6. Are all Betta fish toys safe?

While many Betta fish toys are safe, not all of them are. It’s essential to ensure that the toys you introduce to your Betta’s tank are free from sharp edges that could harm your fish. In addition, they should be non-toxic and safe for use in an aquatic environment. The best Betta fish toys are quality products designed with your Betta’s safety and enjoyment in mind. Always read product reviews and descriptions before purchasing. Check out our recommendations above for some safe and enjoyable options!

7. Can Betta fish get bored?

Indeed, they can! Betta fish are active and inquisitive creatures and can get bored if their environment lacks stimulation. Boredom can lead to stress, negatively impacting their health and color vibrancy. This is why it’s crucial to provide your Betta with various toys and regular changes in their environment. Make sure you observe your Betta’s behavior closely. If they seem less active or show signs of stress, it may be time to introduce some new forms of entertainment.

8. Can toys stress Betta fish?

While toys generally benefit Betta fish, providing much-needed mental stimulation, they can cause stress if not used appropriately. Overstimulation can be as harmful as under stimulation. For instance, while Betta fish enjoy flaring at mirror toys, excessive use can lead to stress. As with many things in life, balance is key. Monitor your Betta’s reaction to their toys, and adjust their use as necessary to ensure your Betta remains happy and healthy.

9. How often should I clean Betta fish toys?

Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for your Betta fish’s health. Betta fish can dispose of waste like poop, so toys should be cleaned during regular tank maintenance, typically every two to four weeks. Cleaning the toys involves removing them from the tank and gently scrubbing them with an aquarium-safe cleaner. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue remains before returning them to the tank. Regular cleaning helps prevent the build-up of algae and bacteria, ensuring your Betta’s home remains a safe and healthy environment.


Finding the best Betta fish toys can be a challenging task, but once you discover what your finned friends love, it’s a rewarding journey. Other than having Betta mates, Toys play a crucial role in the life of your Betta fish, providing them with the mental stimulation they need to live a happy and healthy life. So, make your Betta’s day by introducing them to fun new toys.

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